Adding a little moonlight.

Prioritizing the holidays is a recent development for me, in the past I couldn’t get over the schmaltziness of it all. Why buy maraschino cherries when I could have rainier cherries? Cynicism is emotionally defensive bullshit and we haven’t got the time for bullshit, do we now? I’m telling you, holidays are helpful, even the phony capitalist ones like Valentine’s Day.

Adulthood necessitates February the 14th and other holiday reminders to say “I see you” to the ones that keep us warm. Daily routines (work, sleep, repeat) make it surprisingly easy to forget one another. That goes for friends, family and strangers.

Here’s your  reblogged “Recipe for Romance on Valentine’s Day.”A Real Recipe for Romance

Take one piece of dark verandah and add a little moonlight – take for granted two people.

Press in two strong ones a small, soft hand. Sift lightly two ounces of attraction, one of romance and add a large measure of folly, stir in a floating ruffle and one or two whispers.

Dissolve half a dozen glances in a well of silence, dust in a small quantity of hesitation, one ounce of resistance, two of yielding and place the kisses on a flushed cheek or two lips.

Flavor with a slight scream and set aside to cool. This will succeed in any climate if directions are carefully followed. 


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