Journaling 4.2.10/4.4.10/4.5.10

Arrived in Syria, sitting in Damascus at a café. About to have Turkish coffee.  And orange juice. Staying at a palace (Nassan) in Old Damascus, Bab Sharqi, with a load of tourists coming through to take pictures every morning while I’m walking across the courtyard brushing my teeth. Last night, sat on the border for only two hours (WASTA). Gorgeous, Damascus is cleaner than Beirut and more quiet. No mopeds, bikes instead. Staying in Christian center of the city for Good Friday.  Palace is from 1640, there’s a club attached to the back.  Walked through the palace’s garage last night to get a gin and tonic.

Meaningful lyrics –>Weird like a bearded lady. Get the funk out my face.

Remember this from last week, that your liberation is bound up with mine.

Sitting in a church, Notre Dame of Damascus.  Today we went through the Hamadiya Souk, I did not find my lingerie but I did find ice cream and Hezbollah posters/wallets/t-shirts. About to celebrate Easter Syrian style… with music and crucifixion. I like this church and want to sit here longer, but we have to keep running through the city.

Umayyad mosque, Iranians crying and singing over the death of Hussein.  Kids spread out across the mosque’s floor, making a star shape with their bodies. I went to the wrong side, and these men are laughing at me.  But the sky here is big and blue.

“Hey! Charlie!” “blah blah blah (some stuff about the navy),” from a guy at the Syrian bus stop.  “Chalas!” I say. But we made friends after he quit yelling at me. I need to get out and see more of what’s around Lebanon. On Nick’s roof this morning,   Saluah holding Hezbollah decoration she bought in Hamadiya, explaining her friends’ response, “They just don’t get the kitschy aspect of Hezbollah!” Hassan’s beard.  Eating eggs and bread and drinking tea on Nick’s roof before I leave for Beirut. So much sun, so much more I will write about later.

  1. A.N.N. said:

    sitting in my living room the shutters rattling as a rumbling sound fills my beautiful desert home. on my dear! it’s an earthquake…is it the big one? Naw just a PRELUDE enough to remind you it get the supplies just in case.

    I walk around the house assessing the damage. NONE . safe but for how long!

    Where is my beautiful niece at this moment? Ah wandering the streets of Damascus. A crusader for right not might. A voice where silence should be. Eyes and a heart should do the speaking. A soul of sole. A box with one side. A woman child . She is missed. May she be blessed.

  2. debbie said:

    hey amanda, your words and photos and links, a collage of of your moments, a window into your world of sounds, colors, rising waters, people~being so open to all people, the transformation from yelling to friends all in a sentence~it could spread throughout the world.
    water rose above our ankles here too, paintbrushes and paintings and photos of my parents together with me so young all of us blurred and floating by with stories and written by kyle and doria seperated pages torn from notebooks long ago…the water encircles and then calms.
    peace love you across the miles, shalom
    big hug~~

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