I’ve got five hours to kill before boarding my connector flight to Beirut. So here’s a post to let you all know I’m in London and doing well. Maybe a little confused, considering it’s 7am and everyone else in “terminal one” seems so awake. Some of these people are even eating lunch now and drinking alcohol. Absurd! Anyhow, my next flight is only four and a half hours long so I will be in Beirut SOON (very excited)!

Before I go, here’s a little substance to add to this post:

Today (or yesterday?) I was thinking about that line from the animated film Waking Life, where one of the characters says, “The idea is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving.”  Just something to chew on.

Much love to you all!

  1. A.N.N. said:

    only problem with that quote is when do you do laundry? miss you already more than you know.

  2. mom said:

    Yeah…love the posting and the quote.
    Why didn’t I get an email though saying there was a new post???

  3. A.N.N. said:

    so happy you are safely there.ann

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